Bajra Bhakri Recipe

In rural side you will find Bajra is one the most widely used grain in the regular diet. It has very high fibre content which makes it healthier. So today I am going to show you how to make Bajra ki Bhakri with step by step photo guide.
Bajra Bhakri Recipe

Bajra Bhakri Ingredients

  • 2 cups Bajra flour / Millet flour
  • Water
  • Bajra flour for dusting

Most of the health professionals, Dieticians and Nutritionist recommends Bajra Bhakri in diet program due to its various health benefits.

Bajra Bhakri Preparation

Take 3 to 4 tablespoon of Bajra flour for single Bhakri.

Bajra Bhakri - Take Bajra Flour

Pour enough water to Bajra flour for kneading the dough.

Bajra Bhakri - Pour enough water For kneading

Now start kneading the dough with your palm and rub it on the surface of Parat, for at least 1 minute to get a nice and smooth dough.

Bajra Bhakri - Kneading the dough

Bajra bhakri dough

Bajra Bhakri - Dough

Make a medium sized dough and flatten it with your palms.

Bajra Bhakri - Flatten It Step 1

Flatten Step 2

Bajra Bhakri - Flatten It Step 2

Dust the surface with Bajra flour and start patting the dough to form a perfect Bhakri.

Bajra Bhakri - Patting

Pat it around 8-10 inch circle radius.

Bajra Bhakri - Circle

Lift gently the Bhakri and turn it on the hot Tava/Griddle.

Bajra Bhakri - Lift gently the Bhakri and turn it on the hot Tava/Griddle.

Then immediately apply some water all over it, make sure the gas is on low flame.

Bajra Bhakri - Apply some water

After few seconds change the wet side using flat ladle, before it gets dry. Then turn the gas on high flame.

Bajra Bhakri - Change the wet side

Check your Bhakri is properly roasted or not? and then flip to other side.

Bajra Bhakri - Flip to other side

Use a napkin and apply a bit of pressure to puff it up or you can also roast Bhakri directly on the gas, as shown below.

Bajra Bhakri - Puff it using napkin

Puff it on gas

Bajra Bhakri - Puff it on Gas

Our first Bhakri is ready now. Follow all above steps again to make all Bhakri.

Bajra Bhakri - All Bhakri

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